Designing the Nursery – Paint to Planes

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Ah, the nursery, one of the first things I wanted to do as soon as I found out the gender of my baby.  I was so excited to dive into the world of color, patterns and functionality.  I knew that I wanted something timeless, something that didn’t scream BABY, something my boy could grow into without much change.

The Planning Process –

After finding out that I was going to be having a boy, I knew I wanted something neutral, inviting, but still “pretty”.  I loved the idea of a monotone room with just a small amount of accent colors.

Step 1 – Choosing the paint color

Choosing your paint color is one of the most important things you can do for the nursery, the paint is what will lead you in the rest of the design.  I wanted a gray, which sounds simple enough, but is truly a challenge.  There are about 10,000,000 different shades of gray, red tone, blue tone, yellow tone etc etc.  I wanted a TRUE gray, void of color, there was only ONE that I found that I was happy with.

gray, grey, paint, grey paint, gray paint, anonymous, behr

the perfect gray paint. Behr Anonymous

heres what it looks like in the room

black and gray nursery, nursery, airplane nursery, airplane, behr paint,

we decided to accent the 3 gray walls by adding a black chalkboard wall to pull it all together.  The chalkboard wall serves a few purposes.

1. It is something that can grow with Chase, using it when he first learns to draw and write and then using it for homework throughout his school years.

2. I am currently using it as decoration as well as a real life guestbook for all of the visitors Chase has in his first year! At the end of the year I will take a photo of it and then erase them all… I have always wanted to be able to write on the wall so this is more for me than for him right now!  I had hand me down furniture when I was a kid so my parents were cool enough to let all of my friends sign the dressers which was really cool and fun for me, so I hope Chase enjoys a version of that!

chalkboard nursery, chalkboard wall, chalk, paint, nursery decoration, design,

Step 2:  Determining a theme.

For us our theme sort of fell into place.  Our room originally had a brown and gold ceiling fan and I knew that with my black and gray theme that was not going to work!  We set out to find a black ceiling fan.

Heres what we picked:

the 3 blade design made my husband think about an airplane prop, so we decided to run with that and make the entire room an airplane theme!

Once we had the airplane theme set, it was time to decorate the room with furniture and small details to pull the plane theme together.

3. The Furniture

The furniture was one of those things that I was so unbelievably torn between.  I really wanted that distressed gray style furniture, but figured it would clash against the gray walls that I had chosen (not to mention most of them cost a ton of money).  I decided to go with a gray dresser, and crib (and later added the side table that I use as a pumping station)

black and gray nursery, black, gray, paint, furniture, design, nursery, baby

4. The Decorations

Now for the fun part!  The decorations.  The Plane frame came from hobby lobby

metal plane frame, frame, picture frame, nursery decorations, nursery design, nursery

His toy box (and also the prop I am using for his monthly photo) came from etsy.  You can find it here and if you mention my blog in the notes of your order she will refund you 10% off of your order.

airplane, mobile, baby nursery, nursery design,

and last but not least… Custom curtains, these babies were designed by me, using images I took at our last trip to see the blue angels.  I can make custom curtains for any design theme!  Contact me for details!

blue angels, plane curtains, planes, airplanes, nursery decorations

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