My Birth Story – I had a C Section and I loved it.

I guess this story truly starts around 33 weeks of pregnancy. My baby shower was scheduled for December 3, 2016. I had friends and family flying from all across the USA and Canada to come partake in my baby shower festivities, I thought it would be a fun idea to get a 3D/4D Ultrasound the day before since my family is from Canada and were not able to be as involved in the entire pregnancy as I would have liked.

The entire pregnancy had been going very smoothly thus far; I was one of the lucky few that had virtually none of the dreaded pregnancy side effects, in fact my body loved it, I lost weight, craved water and overall I felt great (but that’s for another article). The checkups all went well and there was no reason for me to be worried about anything.   Then came ultrasound day.

MY 3D/4D Ultrasound

I remember being SO excited to finally see that cute little face on the screen, I knew that the best time for the 3d ultrasound was between 24 and 34 weeks gestation, I was right at the top end of that but felt confident that we would get some fantastic images to hold us over until our little Chase arrived.

We went to Lake Norman 3d, which is an awesome place, they were very nice and welcoming and allowed up to 10 people into the room with me. They had chairs and multiple TV’s hooked up so that everyone had a good view of what was going on. They remind you that these ultrasounds are NOT for medical purposes and they cannot tell you medically if there is anything wrong or concerning. Once they sat me down on the table and began to start the ultrasound, they were having a hard time locating his face, it was at this point that she told me Chase was breach, this means that instead of him being head down, ready for delivery, he had his head up by my ribs. On top of that Chase was VERY stubborn when it came to having his picture taken, he would cover his face with his hands and feet. I have some pretty funny video footage of me jumping and crawling and trying to do inverts to get him to move so that we could get a good picture. As we left she let me know that I may want to bring up the fact that he was breach with my doctor, she said it was very common for babies to be breach at 33 weeks and he would likely turn, so I thought nothing of it.

Here is a favorite photo from that appointment.

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Our Little Chase at 33 weeks.


At my next doctors appointment, I brought up that I had a 3D/4D ultrasound and that Chase was breach, my doctor again brushed it off and said that is common and nothing to worry about until after 36 weeks.

At my 36 week appointment, the doctor felt my belly and measured me, he said he still felt breach and sent me in for a regular ultrasound to confirm. Results came back that he was in fact still breach. I was presented with a couple of options

  1. Wait and see what happens, baby could still turn although each day that went by would make it increasingly difficult
  2. Schedule a manual version, which is essentially when they try to turn the baby from the outside using force
  3. Schedule a C Section

I went home worrying and googling everything from “Have to get C Section, will it hurt?” to “Manual version Pros and Cons” to “WHATS WRONG WITH ME, WHY DIDN’T MY BABY TURN”.


Pros Cons
C Section –       Scheduled, know exactly when it would happen and be able to plan accordingly (this was great for me since my mom was going to be flying in and we could schedule her flight)

–       Quick procedure

–       Don’t have to worry about baby’s head being cone shaped from the birth canal

–       No worries about stretching out the vagina

–       loss of excitement (my husband wanted the “CALL” from work where he could go rushing home to get me at 100mph in hopes of getting pulled over to use the excuse of “my wife is in labor”

–       longer recovery time, major surgery

–       higher hospital costs

–       many women feel like less of a woman

Manual Version –       turn the baby before due date to allow for regular vaginal delivery

–       only 50 percent chance of working

–       chance of reversal after successful version

–       can be very painful

–       potentially cause abruptions to the placenta


After looking over the pros and cons, I decided that for me it would be better off to just go ahead and schedule a C Section instead of trying the version. We scheduled my C section for 39 weeks which happened to be Friday the 13th (I was very excited about that).


Once the date was scheduled it was just a matter of waiting for the day to come, my mom booked her flight for January 11th, and we began to make preparations for the day of the surgery. I would arrive at 11:30am and be prepped for surgery, which would happen approximate 2:30pm. Each day went by slower than the last, my last day of work was before Christmas, I had nothing to do but sit and wait and it was killing me!


Finally something was happening and I would have a couple days with my mom before things got crazy…. or so I thought! My mom’s flight was set to land around 2:45pm. At around 1:30 I was finishing up some work on my computer, went and got dressed and ready to head to the airport to pick up my mom. I finished the last couple of things after getting dressed and stood up to head to my car when all of a sudden a HUGE gush of water poured down my leg with so much force I literally thought I was dying. I stood there staring down at the floor while a continuous stream of water flowed down my leg. It took a couple minutes of shock for me to truly understand what had just happened. My water had broken (which fun fact only happens out of the hospital in about 10 percent of pregnancies, and usually it is no more than a slow drip as if you are peeing yourself) I stood there in about a gallon of bodily fluid, leggings covered, floor soaked and my mind completely confused. I picked up the phone and called my husband, luckily he answered the first time, in a completely calm and cool voice I simply said I think my water just broke, he replied, “I’m on the way” and hung up.   It seems he was able to get the call after all!

Still standing in the same place I thought I better call my doctor and let them know I wasn’t going to make my 4:30 appointment, the receptionist laughed at me and told me that was fine that I wouldn’t make it but I needed to call the hospital and let them know I was coming, she hung up with a simple “congratulations”. I called the hospital, still standing in the same place, and let them know my water broke and I was on the way in. They asked my name and told me that they would check me out when I got there to make sure that it was my water, I said “I don’t think you understand, I don’t think there is any water left in there, it was gushing out! Right as I hung up my husband got home, I still hadn’t moved and it had been about 20 minutes.

I quickly ran to the bathroom, changed my pants and shirt and got ready to head out.   My husband had to pack his bag because he is a procrastinator and refused to do it no matter how many times I asked. It was at that point I realized I wasn’t going to be able to pick my mom up at the airport, of course she was already in the air so I couldn’t call her to let her know, we had my brother in law go to pick her up and I continued to call while we drove to the hospital until I finally got a hold of her to let her know what was happening. We made it to the hospital in record time (without getting pulled over) and my contractions began to start and become more and more painful as time passed.

We arrived at the hospital and I walked in, still dripping water with each step I took. I checked in with the receptionist and they took me back to check everything out, of course they confirmed that it was my water that broke, let me know that they would do another ultrasound to determine if the baby turned on his own or if we would need to proceed with a C Section. The doctor came in, checked everything out and determined my little man was still super stubborn.

I was told that there was an emergency C section that would be going on before they could get me in and that I should expect to wait about an hour before being prepped for surgery.  As time went on, my contractions began to get stronger and stronger and I worried that I too would have to have an emergency C section instead of a nice calm one.


Finally around 4:40pm they began to get me ready for surgery, they gave me a NASTY drink to neutralize the stomach acids, then they walked me to the Operating Room, alone.  My husband was told that he would need to stay in the room and get fully dressed into scrubs before he could re join me in the OR.  I sat down on a cold metal table as what seemed like 200 people poked and prodded at me, attaching monitors, and sensors, holding me while the anesthesiologist placed my spinal tap.  Immediately after receiving the numbing medicine I could feel it running down my legs, the nurses quickly grabbing them and putting them on the table before I was completely numb.  Now laying on the cold table, they raised a blue curtain and told me that they were going to do a test to determine if the numbing was successful.  I was told that if it wasn’t they would have to put me to sleep, which of course would not have been good.  Fortunately, the test was successful and i was completely numb.  At this point it had seemed like an hour of being alone, wondering where my husband was, I heard them talking and also asking where he was, to which a nurse answered that he was on his way down the hall.  (When I asked him where he was, he said it was so fast he had to finish getting ready while walking to the OR, apparently it had only been a few minutes).  They brought him in, sat him down and within minutes our little man was here, they lowered the blue curtain so that we could take a look at his sweet face before taking him over to the table to be suctioned, tested and weighed.  His official birth time was 5:04pm

It took approximately another 30 minutes for them to finish stitching and cleaning me up, there are a few things that still stick out in my head about that time, mainly the doctors and nurses counting the gauze and tools to make sure they didn’t leave anything inside of me, they made jokes, and poked fun at each other which I remember reading meant that everything was going well.  The other thing I remember was them transferring me off of the operating table to the moving bed that I would spend the next few days in.  The transfer was terrifying, I had no feeling in my body from my breasts down, they asked me to cross my arms and then tilted me almost 90 degrees onto my side, without feeling them holding on to you (since I had no feeling) I thought I was plummeting to my death! Fortunately thats not what happened.

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Our babies 1st photo!

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Me and My Baby

Father Son, new baby, baby boy, hospital picture, just born, c section, blue curtain, scrubs

Chase & Daddy


They put some “moon boots” on my legs (device that squeezes and releases the leg to keep blood flow until the numbing wears off) and brought me to my recovery room, they let me know I would be in recovery until I was able to move my feet, then I would be transferred up to my room where I would be able to start having visitors. I remember being terrified of the numbing wearing off not knowing what it was going to feel like once my feeling was restored. I knew they had me on some pretty good drugs, but wasn’t sure just how much that would help.  My sweet hubby fed me some ice chips, while I snuggled close to my new baby and they tried to get me to breast feed.


After trying for a couple of hours, it was obvious that this baby was NOT going to latch.  They had lactation consultants come in to visit me who smashed my boob into a burger patty and tried to stuff it down his throat with no success.  We tried nipple guards, and football holds and cradle holds and every kind of hold in existence, no matter what we tried my poor little Chase would SCREAM as soon as the boob approached his face (looking back at it I think he was just terrified of its ginormous size).  Either way it was evident that we were going to have to do something else! They brought me a pump and had me pump as much as I could, and I had to supplement with formula.  I was getting discouraged that my milk wasn’t coming in and was fearful that my poor baby would have to be on formula instead of breast milk.


The first night was pretty rough, I had a catheter, moon boots and an IV that made the most obnoxious repetitive sound I have ever heard, add that to the nurse visits every 1-2hrs and lets just say I DID NOT SLEEP!  Around 3am the nurse came in to remove my moon boots and my catheter and told me I was cleared to try and go to the bathroom if I wanted to.  Recalling all of the research I did and knowing that everyone said THE SOONER YOU GET UP AND WALK AROUND THE FASTER YOUR RECOVERY will be.  I agreed to try to stand and walk to the bathroom, I was extremely nervous about trying to get out of the bed, I lifted the back of the bed as high as it would go and hung my feet off the side of the bed while the nurse helped me up, it wasn’t that bad, felt somewhat like the day after a hard ab workout. I won’t go into those details, but lets just say the first toilet trip was fairly painful, I changed my clothes out of that very uncomfortable gown and into some of my own PJs. The next few days consisted of very little sleep (and not because of baby) but lots of love, laughs and visitors!  My recovery was off to a great start and by the time we were released I was spending more time on my feet than in the bed!


I had a C Section…. and I LOVED IT!



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